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Tiba SDPA (Smart Data Processing Architecture)

Tiba SDPA is an Iranian software development company providing software as a service solutions to the businesses globally. Tiba SDPA was incorporated in the year 2013, in Tehran Iran. Since then as an IT services provider, we have been leveraging our software engineering expertise in delivering cost effective innovative solutions in the areas of enterprise software’s to our global clientele. With extensive years of experience in software development Tiba Team work hard to transform our customer’s innovative product ideas into effectively electronic services.

Our Vision

To develop in a constant manner and grow as a major software service provider to become a leading performer, in providing quality Software Development solutions. We always guide our customers to success.

 Our Mission

To enhancing the business growth of our customers with creative Design and Development to deliver market-defining high-quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage for our clients.

Tiba Team

Nader Mohammadi Hamedani

Managing Director

With over 20 years of experience in software development in major industries including banking, maritime and petroleum industry, he has a high level of expertise in architecture, design and development of enterprise software. One of his specialties is continuous research and development to identify and absorb new software engineering technologies. Accordingly, he is one of the leading pioneers for the development of Software based on Micro Service and Event Sourcing Iran. He is also the visionary leader and mentor of the Tiba team for enterprise software development. He is very motivated, with extraordinary perseverance.

Mohsen Soltani


Entrepreneurial and driven chief, with 20 years of leading industry expertise in founding numerous companies in domestic and international marketplaces. Facilitator and builder of product development teams in tourism industry. Proven fundraising and networking skills, building fruitful partnerships with hundreds of clients in tourism market. Mohsen is interested in new technology-based businesses. His focus is on developing new businesses using Tiba software, specifically the Tiba sales platform.

Mohammad Amin Zare

System Analysis Director

Over 17 years’ experience about business process architecture, modelling and improvement in Iranian enterprises in different industries specially banking, oil and gas, marine transportation and telecommunication. He has participated in fifty projects in the fields of enterprise architecture, business process management and software design and analysis as a senior expert, technical manager and project manager. He has also authored and translated several books in the areas of enterprise resource planning systems, business process management and information technology auditing.

Mohsen Younesi Ara

Senior Architecture and Progmammer

With over 10 years of experience in software development, he has the excellent ability to design and implement enterprise software. He has mastered a variety of software development technologies, especially Micro Service technology. He also has extensive experience in the production of enterprise software by domain driven design (DDD). He is also in charge of the leading of Frontend team.

Biyuk Sadeghi Lahijan

Senior Architecture and Programmer 

He is one of the senior programmers of the Tiba team who has a strong capability to develop enterprise software based on the domain driven design (DDD) approach. He has also participated in several major software projects as a programmer and senior programmer. He is also responsible for leading and coordinating the Backend team. He has also been responsible for implementing complex components of the TIBA platform.

Ahmad Reza Marzoughi

Senior System Analyst

Proficient in business and software analysis. Responsible for identifying and modeling business processes, identifying and modeling software requirements, designing tests, and implementing automated tests. He is fluent in writing automatic test scripts using Gherkin language.

Nastaran Naeiji

System Analyst

As a member of the software analysis team, she is responsible for software analysis, project management based on SCRUM, design and implementation of software tests. She is very comfortable using business and system modeling software such as Enterprise Architect.

Abbas Mirzaei

Front-end Developer

He is a key member of the Frontend team. His key skill is working with the Angular framework for generating software interfaces. He also implement software with the Test Driven Development (TDD) approach.

Mostafa Ebadi

CI/CD Specialist

He is responsible for maintaining and updating the built and deployment infrastructure of the software. Performs automated tests and retrieve test results. He also is dominant well in the field of automation of the integration and deployment infrastructure.