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One of the main wishes of the manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services is the sale of more products with the aim of increasing revenue and profitability. Having a local office to oversee the business operations and conducting business within a limited territory is the traditional way of doing business. If you are looking to generate more profits, expanding the reach of your business is the only way. With the evolution of the digital landscape, every small and large business have the opportunity to target a global audience and expand their business. Online sales platform allows you increase sales quicker, reduce operational costs of your business and improve profit margins with enhanced return on investment.

The Tiba Online Sales Platform is a state-of-the-art software that has developed according to latest software industry technologies and practices that will fit any business model. In addition to general sales and purchasing models, the software also supports consignment transactions. Great sales goals will be achieved by facilitating customers’ access to the sales channels and providing the appropriate capabilities to evaluate, select, order and deliver the products, as well as payment of the price. The Tiba Sales Platform provides such capabilities to vendors.

B2B, B2B2C and B2C Business Models

Tibamax platform allows multiple groups of parties to interact. Business can offer products to other businesses, simultaneously receive sales orders from consumers. In a more complex manner, a business may buy a product from a business and sell it to another business or consumer.

 Focus on Automated Sales Process

Your businesses can cut expenses, save time spent in manual work, and reduce risks. You can focus more effectively on your core competencies and overall management, and spend less time on time-consuming manual sales tasks.

 One-Stop  Sales thru Shopping Cart 

The Tiba Sales Platform  helps online shopping customers  to  collect   a  number of items for purchase. Hence the software typically calculates a total for the order. In the absence  of  shopping cart,  the  customers wouldn’t have a place to store and manage multiple items and would have to order separately   for  every  item they wish to buy, which only means repeating the tedious buying process twice, thrice, or sometimes even more.

Support All Products (Goods & Services)

Tibamax is a platform to sell all product types as goods and services. Unique product management feature enables you to define any product type based on multiple characteristics. Product cataloug feature maintains product types data from vendors and facilitate multi vendor sales in a platform based business model.

Hierarchical Sales Structure

A hierarchical structure is provided by Tiba Sales Platform to organize sales structure inside and outside of your organization. Sales agents and subsidiaries will be provided with specific portals to manage sales processes in their territories. Also for consignment sales, separate panel is considered for each consignor and consignee. Tiba a s a platform connect all parties in an end-to-end sales pipeline.

Consolidate Contract Management

Contract management is a feature that manage all pricing policies, promotions and discounts. This feature enable you to set customized terms and conditions per each product type, customer, provider and geographical location. All financial calculations will be done based on contracts. In this manner your business or individual customers will enjoy specific promotions and discounts.

End-to-end Consignment Sales

Tiba sales platform allows consignors to register their consignees, configures specific agreements with each consignee, offer their  products thru consignee sales channels and maintain real-time consignee balance as well as consignee commissions. In vice versa, consignees can automate all agreements, sales transactions and balances with related consignors. These capabilities evolved Tiba to an end-to-end consignment sales platform.

Flexible Settlement Options

Tibamax Sales Platform supports all settlement methods such as cash payment, prepayment, credit payment also supports total and partial refunds. Customer can pay invoices or transfer fund thru variety of channels such as Internet payment gateway, POS and banking transactions.

Multilingual Platform

Localization feature in Tiba Sales platform is targeted for different audiences so that specific region or language is adapted to access the application. Users can easily access content with simple selection of language in the menu with the ability to quickly  witch to another language.